Monday, March 31, 2014

Scrap Stash Embellishments and Show Me Thursday

GOOD Monday morning! Wowsers, it has been a week since I have checked in and what a week it has been. Our march was like a lion most of the month!!! We had quite the snowstorm hit and then a lovely rain and ice storm on this past weekend. Seriously.........has Spring forgotten us?!

Okay on to something positive. I haven't made any cards this week instead I have been hitting my scrap stash and making embellishments. Most of these are made with leftover scraps of white cardstock. Honestly, scraps are like a plate of spaghetti, the more you use the bigger the pile seems to get! But.......lookie at all the yumminess I got! I am getting a wooden embellishment box made so I can tole paint it up and get these babies nicely organized! So, I am sending this post off to Sassy Cheryl's Show Me Thursday Challenge.......yes I know I'm with me will ya!

Be sure to click on the pictures to get an enlarged view of all my goodies.

This week, I am hitting my stash of cardstock and DP and maybe I'll even make a card to share just so you don't get bored with me!

Have an awesome day everyone and hey........hit your scrap stash this week and share it on Show Me Thursday, I would love to see what's been hiding in your scrap stash!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Snow, More Snow and Yes Snow People

Good Sunday morning. Yesterday we had snow! Now I can live with a little of the white stuff at the end of March but the news that we might be in for a crippling snow storm on Wednesday with 15 to 20 cm of the white stuff and hurricane like winds?!, well that is pushing things. But, what does any self-respecting card designer do when she gets that kinda news??? She makes Christmas cards of course, and I will continue to make them till THE SNOW GOES!
Sassy Cheryl has a wonderful sale on, I believe ending today?. 30 % off with the coupon code SPRING30 so I took full advantage and got lots of little snowy goodies to color up........yes.......I did say color up. I used my pro and copic markers. So shop at Cheryl's and have just a wonderful creative day. Oh and I will once again be playing in the Sassy Cheryl's Lots of Layers challenge . I am submitting this little guy 'Star Light Star Bright'  here and I'm sharing the rest of my cards I made yesterday as well.

                                                                 A Frosty Cup of Cocoa

                                                                    Snow Much Fun   



Thursday, March 20, 2014

Show Me Thursday

At Sassy Cheryl's it is once again time to be........nosey! Today I am sharing  my work station, why? Cause I have so much on the go right now. I actually have 3 workstations and all 3 on the go with a mess of creativity. Today, my goal is to get a few projects finished up and then clean up all these workstations. Our weather right now is so rainy and windy it feels like the windows are going to blow in. Scary! Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

Lots of Layers at Sassy Cheryl's

Hi, yes, I know....2 posts in one day. I just finished another card I want to submit to the Sassy Cheryl Lots of Layers Challenge. This little sweetie can be found here.  I've used my Copic and Pro markers to color her up.

Bella and Bronte and Plenty of Embellies

Good morning, hope all is sunshine in your part of the world! We are overcast and expecting some rain but I am going to take my four legged babies out for a walk very soon anyway.....hopefully no wet muddy paw prints today.
Today I am sharing a card made using an image by Mo's Digital Pencil. I love Bella and Bronte. I am submitting this to the Plenty of Embellies Challenge.
Have an awesome day and thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Lots of Layers at Sassy Cheryl's

Good morning and welcome to my sunny day. I have been busy in my stamping studio creating lots and lovin it lots!
It's once again Sassy Cheryl time and a new challenge. 'Lots of Layers'. I am using a pre-colored Sassy Cheryl image (you will be happy to know that I have actually been coloring up some images lately! lol)
Pop on over to  see what the Sassy Gals have created to inspire you with. Come on folks, it's March, we all need some fun!               Image found here

Friday, March 14, 2014

Hello Friend

Friday has rolled in with sunshine, yayyyyyy.....freezing cold but hey..........we have sun!
Sometimes someone designs an image that just simply is a complete story all in itself; it  doesn't need a sentiment or an explanation,(even though I gave it one)  it just........speaks. When I first saw this image in the designing process I was 'in love' This adorable little image, I believe, will be one of my all-time favorites. This is the pre-colored version.  So I am submitting it to the Sassy Cheryl Anything Goes Challenge!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Show Me Thursady

Happy Thursday! For some reason I have lost a day this week, I thought today was Wednesday until my mom set me straight. So it's Thursday which means once again at Sassy Cheryl's it's Show Me Thursday. So today I have a gift bag that I made using a pre-colored image from Sassy Cheryl. You know, I do know how to color but I have been trying to use up a bunch of colored images I have had printed out for so long.....I just hope I don't forget how to color lol!
Anyway, if you haven't played along at the Show Me Thursday's fun! AND you might win a free image!!
As I am typing we are once again in the midst of a storm, the roads are too icy so I am missing out on my Tole painting class tonight! (insert sad face)
Have a great evening!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Show Me Thursday

Hello Saturday, glorious wonderful Saturday with balmy temps of 0. I love you!!!

  Well, not everything always goes to plan, next Tole painting project. I was super pumped to start this project but I knew I should have waited; cause I think I became the unwanted host of a lovely flu bug yesterday. Today I feel much better but my body still aches....a lot.

But, I decided to get at my next project anyway and was patting my little ole self on the shoulder because I was doing so good than BAM! I made a huge error......H U G E!

Well for pity sake you seriously don't think I'm gonna tell you what it is!??! Anyway, it took some pondering but I figured out how to correct it......paint over the whole thing and start all over again. Yup, that's what I did!

So I'm gonna share this as my Show me Thursday at Sassy Cheryl's only because I know (Sassy) Cheryl would truly understand my creative blundering! Pop on over to Cheryl's and show us what you've been up to lately........come on, you know you wanna!


My finished casserole carrier, still needs to be varnished though and I have to correct the shading on the snowman's to be inside body not outside! For some reason, in the picture, that snow in the back looks really white but it's not IRL. (mom, that means in real life)

Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Little Bit of Stampin Up

I thought today I would spend a little time working on a card kit since it has been literally months since I have made one. This kit is made with the SU Polka Dot Pieces stamp set.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Everyday Snowman

You know.....snowmen aren't just for Christmas.....oh no!! Snowmen are for all year long. In my home I have certain snowmen displayed all year. Why, because they are cheerful, sweet, uplifting, comical, and just plain fun to have around! Snowmen bring love!
Today I am entering this sweet 'growing friends' snowman in the Sassy Cheryl Everything Goes Challenge. These Sassy Cheryl images are pre-colored and I have merged two images on this card.
 Enjoy your day, pop over to the challenge blog and play, and hug a snowman!

Show Me Thursday on Wednesday

Gooood morning!  I am squeezing one more entry in to the Sassy Cheryl's Show Me Thursday! Challenge. I have been playing around with a few more creations so combined them to make a mini collage. The top card I made using up some scraps and the two cards below are made with pre-colored images by Sassy Cheryl.
Today my daughter and new grandson and I are headed very soon to go clothes shopping, aaaahhhhhh clothes shopping, another one of my favorite things to do!
Hope you all enjoy your day and be sure to pop over to Cheryl's and share what you've been up to.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Anything Goes at Sassy Cheryl's

Good Tuesday morning! Other than my self I now have two followers, yayyy, thank you Ann and Sassy Raggedy. AND wow, thank you Cheryl for mentioning me on your Facebook page........what an exciting morning already!!!
Well, I started back on the Weight Watchers program yesterday.......I am discovering the older I get, the harder it is to follow a sensible eating plan........I just plain and simply want to eat.........everything!! I have to head off to the grocery store this morning for some 'goodness' items like pop, chips, choc..........I'M KIDDING!!
On to a calorie free challenge begins at Sassy Cheryl's today; Anything Goes!  Oh, the possibilities with this one, lol, guess I will have to work on a few creations again for this challenge! Once again I have merged two of the pre-colored images together. Also I am sharing my second tole painting project. Don't look too closely at the face because I didn't do a great job, but this project I did at home alllllllll by myself! I just need a raffia bow to tie around the rim.
Have an awesome day everyone!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Sassy Cheryl's Punches and Or Dies Challenge

Happy Happy Joy Joy it's Saturday and the sun is coming up. I will enjoy this day as we have another 10 to 15 cm of snow arriving on Monday!!
There is still 2 days 10 hours and 55 seconds left to submit a card to the Sassy Cheryl's  Punches and or Dies Challenge. This is my third entry, yes, you can enter as many projects as you like.....just be sure you follow the rules.
This is  another one of my favorite pre-colored  Sassy Cheryl images, it's an oldie.....actually there are two images in this card, the flower is a separate image I just merged the two.
I didn't use any DP this round, the details are primarily in the 3-D dimensions of the sweet image. I also carried the theme to the inside. It's so much fun to dress up the inside of our cards!
Have an awesome day!